Your Mindset...
The Creator gave you control over one thing...
A positive mindset is crucial, just like a heartbeat, to you having success in any area of life.

Does your career require you to solve any problems or complete an objective?
Of course it does! If you had no objective, there would be no reason for your job. The highest paid workers in the world are athletes and entertainers. The reason for their high pay is because they spend the majority of their time practicing for their trade, and only a small fraction of their time actually applying their trade (on the field, or on stage).

In the same way, to have an optimum mindset, you must spend the majority of your week continually pumping your mind full of high-quality thoughts and ideas, and only a small fraction of your week actually solving problems (I call them "opportunities") with this knowledge.

Did you know that the mind is just like a computer?
The old saying of the computer programmer is “garbage in – garbage out” which simply means that when programming a computer, you will get out of it EXACTLY what you put in.So if you pump your mind daily full of great and positive material, thoughts, and ideas, you will get back from it great and positive ideas, products, inventions, conversations, interactions, thoughts, and plans. If, however, you put into your mind “garbage” such as negative humor, violence, selfishness, envy, greed, lust, and pride (a common Thursday night watching TV), you will get the same things out. Remember “Garbage in – garbage out.”

I believe strongly in the old idea that an individual’s success is determined overwhelmingly by what is done in his or her spare time. So as I said, if during your spare time you fill your mind with positive reading, positive and productive recorded material (CDs, Podcasts, etc.), attend life-building seminars, associate with positive people, and have an accountability partner, you will create such a potent "program" that your mind will give you back 100 times what was put into it. And just like a great computer, when the programming is done correctly, work is made easy and the way is made clear to create tremendous growth with much less effort than those working with flawed programming.

So what is holding you back?
The most self-defeating mindset that any human can have is to say, “I am a failure”.

Have you ever been driving by yourself and gone down the wrong street then heard yourself say “IDIOT!”? Who were you talking to? Repeating to yourself that you are a failure, or any negative thought or comment, will bring about CERTAIN FAILURE! If you don’t believe me, then ask the folks who work on Madison Avenue and who spend BILLIONS each year on television, radio, and print advertising designed to “change your mind.”

Advertising works. If it did not work, then no board of directors of any corporation would allow the existence of a marketing department. They would simply let the product speak for itself and would expect the good word about the product to spread like wildfire throughout the world. And while we know that some products and services do sell by “word-of-mouth,” advertising is still a multi-billion dollar industry for one reason. It works! Lets apply that fact to your brain. Lets say you regularly tune into a channel that airs an advertisement that is all about you and your life and it goes like this:

Commercial 1
You are no good. You are a failure. You are always late. You are a sorry excuse for a person. You are lousy in financial matters. You are not very attractive. You are shy. You are difficult to deal with. You never have and never will set goals. You are not very athletic and will always be overweight. Your family doesn’t even care about you. You are so screwed up that God is just waiting to hit you over the head for everything wrong about you!

OUCH! Did you feel the negative pangs? I don’t even like typing those words! Do you think that an ad agency could come up with that one? You bet they could. And guess what, they already have! It is subtle, but advertisers have programmed you to buy their product by creating need in you with their advertising. Isn’t it interesting how you only see the ad for the fitness program in the morning, after you have ordered and eaten the new loaded deep dish pizza the night before?

You need to know right now that, whether positive or negative, you are watching that very commercial, the one about your life, every minute of every day! You are tuned into that channel because you are constantly in a conversation with yourself through your sub-conscious mind. It picks up on every instruction you give to it, and acts upon it just like as if it were a direct order. (And if you were wondering, the sub-conscious mind is the place in your brain that causes your heart to beat 100,000 times per day without you having to command it to do so.) Still don’t believe me? Remember the products you buy now? How did you decide to buy those particular ones? Think deeply for a moment about that one…

Now what if that commercial went like this…

Commercial 2
You are excellent in everything you do. You are always on time. You always have time for others. You are a tremendous success. You are a blessing to other people. You have every detail of your financial life in order. You have excess finances with which to do anything you please. You are extremely attractive and most people want to be around you and want to be like you. You are very easy to get along with. You set high goals for yourself, but always exceed them. You are fit and trim, and have a balanced exercise plan and diet in place. Your spouse, children, siblings and parents love you and could not get along without your positive influence on their lives. You are adored by God and you are producing great things for Him in your life for this world and for all eternity!

Once you realize that you are not “a failure”, it’s like flipping a switch that will allow you to produce exactly what you and others need, when you need it. Your mindset goes from the negative to the positive immediately. Failure is not a “place” you get to and stay, it is an event that when treated with the proper mindset, used as a diamond in the rough, and polished, will bring tremendous blessings and positive circumstances. John Maxwell goes into great detail on this very point in his excellent book Failing Forward. You would be well advised to read that book if the failure mentality is present in your life!

Are you interested in affecting other people’s lives positively?
If not, there is no reason to go on reading. However, if you have a great desire to affect your life and other’s lives around you in a positive way, then begin by changing your mindset. Now getting from where you are to where you want to be is not easy or quick, as some people would have you believe. There is a quote I heard years ago that was credited as an ancient proverb. It says, “The path of least resistance makes rivers, and men, crooked.”

WOW, what an awesome illustration of what happens when we try to take the easy way or the quick way. If you go to the western United States and see the course of some rivers, winding back and fourth, you will see what this quote is all about. Water always follows the path of least resistance. Do you? How many times have you started a “Get                                  quick” scheme, and stopped because you finally realized that the thing that was sold to you was empty. Nothing that is worth the journey comes quickly, easily or free. There is ALWAYS a cost.

So help me get started!
All right, are you ready to change your mindset? Then here we go… The basic elements of the QC are all about what you need to do in order to change your mindset and the course of your life. As Napoleon Hill said in his tape series The Science Of Personal Achievement, “The Creator gave us complete control over but one thing, and that one thing is the mind.”

He’s right you know? No matter what situation you are in (unless your mind is altered by drugs or brain disease) you have the capacity to use your mind to determine the outcome of every situation. Why not get started on the QC today?
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